Budget Concerns

ACCESS CDC introduced at Commissioners Meeting

By Abby Cavenaugh The Anson Record

The Anson County Board of Commissioners discussed several zoning issues and items pertaining to next year’s budget during its regular monthly meeting Tuesday night, May 3, 2011.

After the agenda was approved, the commissioners held a public hearing on a text amendment to section 5 of the zoning ordinance. The commissioners had previously seen the amendment at their retreat in March, county planner Jennifer Baptiste said. After a brief discussion, the amendment was adopted unanimously.

Following Sheriff Allen, Victoria Whitt, CEO of the Sandhills Center, presented her general budget request to the county, pointing out that the local management entity (LME) of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services was not asking for any increases in its funding request this year. “The amount is the same as in the past— $55,000,” Whitt said. “And all of that funding stays in Anson County.”

The funding from the county helps the Sandhills Center maintain its facilities, she added.

Priscilla Nunn also spoke to the commissioners about a new nonprofit organization she is starting, called ACCESS, or Anson County Community Economic Support Service. “Our vision is to have a stronger Anson County, physically, spiritually and financially,” Nunn said.

Her organization would help provide training and jobs for the needy in the county, and would also help people develop life skills like financial literacy and community involvement. She said she was not looking for funding from the county, but rather a resolution of support. The commissioners indicated they would be glad to pass such a resolution if Nunn could provide one for them to approve.

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