1. My name is Raymond Hill and I am currently involved in a life enrichment program called ACCESS. Our program is designed to help “our” community and the people that live in it. I am writing you to inform you that our program is here to help. The program is here to help our community financially and physically. What I mean by that is we are in the classroom learning trades and receiving job training, as well as doing volunteer work and holding community functions. That way the youth can do more in the environment they live in. It keeps a lot of them off the street and out of jail. I love the community I live in but I am tired of waking up in the morning and seeing nothing but struggles and poverty. I go outside every day and see my community get worse and I see people walk around every day begging and on drugs. I look at it and think I really want to do something to help the place where I reside. Priscilla Nunn is a wonderful woman who came all the way back to the community she grew up in to make a change. Ms. Nunn has given me an opportunity to change my life and some of the people around me to help rebuild a place that was once a beautiful place. That place is my community. ACCESS is a real awesome program that with a little help and support can change a lot of lives and help us improve our environment.
  2. My name is Carlos Riley and I am the administrative coordinator for ACCESS. This program has done a lot for me over the last two months. Our program is designed to reach the youth and create an opportunity for us to reach our goals. I am writing you to inform you that our program can change lives and make people better in all aspects of their lives. ACCESS provides connections to people and opportunities that they normally would not. The program empowers us to give back to our community by volunteering in the community and making us feel like citizens. Ms. Priscilla Nunn is a great person to be around. She has helped me realize my goals by being committed to my change.
  3. My name is Maurice Little and I am currently involved with ACCESS. It is a 3 month program that we can learn life management skills. I am writing you because when I step out my doors I see life in my community and all I see are buildings that need to be repaired and trash that needs to be removed. I am faced with a lack of jobs and training. I am willing to give back to the community and ACCESS is giving me the opportunity to give back and the education and job training to be successful. It is the bridge providing me with a way to give back to my community and live my dream of being a productive citizen that loves my community.