Program Model

ACCESS CDC partners with individuals and the community to address poverty holistically so individuals can become economically secure and contribute to the social and economic revitalization of Anson County.  We provide support to the  unemployed, underemployed or hard to place due to criminal record.

We work with teams of 12 individuals over 3 months to build customized plans to help them overcome barriers, earn a living and improve their life.

First three months are spent in a classroom environment using different learning modes such as lectures, self-paced, online and group projects.  Areas covered:

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Vocational training

Next six months team members continue pursuing the goals established with the assistance of a community agency, mentor, support resources (counselor, etc.) and ACCESS CDC.

All activities simulate workplace environment with rewards and consequences.  Team members are evaluated on participation, performance on assignments, and adherence to policies.  The outcome of activities results in rewards or consequences.