Personal Development

Personal Development focuses on life
improvement, especially, relationships, health,
productivity, spirituality, and achieving
personal goals.




UNIQUE ME – Assess your interests, attitudes, values, aptitudes, and readiness as related to career, employment, and/or educational goals.

PERSONAL COMMUNCIATION – You will be introduced to personal communication skills and develop individual goals for improved communication skills.

IMPACTING MY COMMUNITY – Build upon you individual life experiences and strengths to impact community.

LIVING STRATEGIES – Strategies for living that focuses attitudes, habits, motivation, emotional control, stress, problem solving, anger management and friends and family relationships.

TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH – Learn the importance of taking care of your health and changing bad health habits.

MONEY SMART – Learn your consumer rights & responsibilities, importance of credit history, intro to bank services, credit, saving, maintaining a checking account and preparing a personal budget.

ASSET BUILDING (compliments MONEY SMART) you learn strategies to increase your financial and tangible assets, such savings, home ownership, and investing.

LEGAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILTY – Learn your rights and responsibilities under state and federal law.